02 Jan 2019

Minimum Call Size in the Port of Antwerp

Since November 2018, in a pilot project that will continue until 31.01.2019, the Port of Antwerp has been testing a concept for the bundling of container volumes by introducing a "Minimum Call Size" in conjunction with a terminal hub system. This means that at some individual terminals, barges will only be handled from a certain minimum quantity upwards. Vessels that do not reach this fixed handling quantity have to switch to selected hub terminals.

Since 3 December 2018 the Minimum Call Size for the seaport terminals 869, 913, 1700, 1718 and 1742 has been fixed at 30 handlings.If this number is not reached:

  • containers for the seaport terminals 869, 913 have to be unloaded and loaded at Hub Terminal 667 and

  • containers for the seaport terminals 1700, 1718 and 1742 have to be unloaded and loaded at Hub Terminal 364.

In addition to these, in the hinterland Gorinchem, Moerdijk and the DeCeTe Terminal in Duisburg have also been selected as Hub Terminals for the Rhine Corridor.

The Hub Terminals organise the handling and transfer of the containers to the originally-scheduled seaport terminals, with the aim of reaching the closings of the departure / arrival of seagoing vessels in good time. Contargo coordinates the procedure as usual, so that there are no changes involved for you when ordering as a result of the Minimum Call Size being introduced.

For the handling and transfer of your containers via the Hub Terminal 667, the Port of Antwerp charges 10.- Euro per container. For the Hub Terminal 364 the costs are 30.- Euro per container. Up to the end of the pilot phase, Contargo is bearing these costs for you.

We hope that the introduction of this concept will help to improve turnaround times in the seaport. Contargo will observe and evaluate the development of the project. When the pilot phase is finished, we will inform you about what is planned to happen next.

If you have any questions or require further information, our personnel will as always be glad to help you.


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