19 Oct 2018

Low Water – The situation stays critical

Yesterday a historic low of 31 cm was measured at the Kaub Gauge. As no significant rainfall is forecast for the next few days, it has to be expected that gauge levels will remain extremely low. This means that our barges can no longer navigate the Middle Rhine ("Loreley") without danger. Thus for reasons of safety our barge activities on the Upper and Middle Rhine have been largely discontinued

On the Lower Rhine there is still slightly more water in the navigation channel; however there, too, levels are expected to fall further. Today the Duisburg-Ruhrort Gauge shows 166 cm. We expect that at the end of next week the situation with regard to the operation of our terminal in Neuss will also become critical.

As long as water levels on the Lower Rhine still allow safe navigation, we will continue our "land bridge" between the terminals on the Upper and Middle Rhine and our terminal in Neuss.

At the same time, we have arranged a second "land bridge" to Emmerich. This land bridge will also be implemented mainly by trucking. In addition, from Monday week onwards a shuttle train will be operated between Wörth and Emmerich.

Transport between the seaports of Antwerp and Rotterdam and the endpoints of our land bridges will be carried out by our barge fleet.

With the help of our partners, we have been able to substantially increase the truck capacities for these land bridges. However, capacities are still limited.

We are still offering our rail transports between our terminals in Basel, Weil am Rhein, Wörth, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Neuss and Duisburg, and the seaports. We have increased the size and load capacity of all our trains, so that we can provide between 20% and 30% more capacity on the existing trains. However these capacities, too, are limited.

In order to find the transport possibiity that is best for your concrete requirements, please get in touch with your usual contact partner at Contargo. Due to the difficult situation we must regretfully point out that according to our General Terms and Conditions (AGBs) we no longer have an obligation to transport below a gauge level of 81 cm at Kaub.

We must also point out to you that at these gauge levels we cannot accept any liability for possible costs that may be incurred through delays in the delivery / collection of containers (Detention/Demurrage).

We hope for your understanding and ask you to pass on this information to all responsible employees in your company.

Our personnel will be glad to answer your questions and/or give you further information.


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