25 Sep 2018

TFS (Truck Fuel Surcharge) from 1 October 2018

The energy price development for diesel fuels is characterised by big fluctuations, and cannot be influenced by businesses enterprises. In order to take the effect of our hauliers’ rising fuel costs into account correctly, Contargo is adopting the price index of the Association of the German Petroleum Industry (MWV) as a neutral valuation basis.

Due to the rises in diesel fuel prices, from 1 October 2018 Contargo will now be introducing the TFS (Truck Fuel Surcharge) again for the first time since January 2015. The diesel surcharge is variable and will be calculated monthly, based on the values for the last month but one, i.e. the average price recorded for August will be the basis for calculating the TFS for October. The Index +1 valid for October can be found in the table under https://www.contargo.net/en/goodtoknow/tfs/.

The calculations of the MWV (Mineralölwirtschaftsverband e.V) for the previous month are only published in the middle of the current month. We therefore apologise for the fact that changes in the TFS can unfortunately only be communicated at very short notice.

If you have any questions our Sales Team will be glad to help you.


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