11 Sep 2018

Contargo gets on its Bicycle 2018 – The winners are announced

Between 4 June and 31 August 2018, Contargo cycled a total of 20,908 km.

Our action saved 2,686 kg CO2 and burned off 554,094 kcal – equivalent to 989 bars of milk chocolate.

Regrettably, for the first time since 2011 we have not broken our own record for the total distance covered – we missed out by just under 300 km. So if anyone has not yet given in their results, please do! Send them to sustainable.solutions@contargo.net and give a positive boost to our statistics.

Frankfurt-Höchst can keep the trophy for another year.



1st place Frankfurt-Höchst cycled 4,230 km and saved 517 kg CO2

2nd place Emmerich cycled 3,686 km and saved 479 kg CO2

3rd place Frankfurt-Ost cycled 3,647 km and saved 474 kg CO2


And here are the most active single contestants, who each cycled over 1,000 km:


Sascha Meyer from Frankfurt-Höchst rode 3,600 km and saved almost half a ton of CO2

Christian Thees from Wörth cycled 1,128 km and saved 147 kg CO2

Andre Heik from Frankfurt-Ost, covered 1,120 km

Randy Bilos from Ludwigshafen cycled 1,040 km

Ali Pakdemir from Döhlau travelled pretty exactly 1,000 km by bike.


The average distance cycled by competitors was 536 km (or 455 km without Mr Mayer)

As always, the winners’ cycle trip will take place early in the summer of next year.

The Sustainable Solutions department will get in touch with the participants in good time.


Many thanks to all of you who took part!


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