21 Aug 2018

Water levels on the Rhine continue to fall

Gauge levels along the Rhine are continuing to fall and weather forecasts do not predict any substantial rainfall over the next few days.

The level at the Kaub Gauge will probably soon fall below the 61 cm mark. This will further reduce the load capacities of barges, and we will then require five times as many barges as usual to carry the same tonnage. We will continue to make every effort to transport your containers punctually.

We are extending our low water surcharges to include levels below 61 cm, as follows:

Kaub Gauge level 20' container 40' container
60 cm – 51 cm € 320.00 per container € 425.00 per container

As an alternative to barges we can offer our rail transports, although due to the present situation capacities on the trains are unfortunately not unlimited.

Please also note that due to the difficult situation, adhesion to arranged dates can no longer be guaranteed in every case, and that according to our General Terms and Conditions (AGB) an obligation to transport on our part no longer applies when the Kaub Gauge level falls below 0.81 m.

We hope for your understanding, and ask you to pass on this information to all responsible employees in your company.

Our personnel will be glad to answer your questions and / or provide further information.


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