03 Aug 2018

UPDATE Low Water surcharges Kaub Gauge below 0.71 m

According to the forecast of the electronic inland waterway information system ELWIS ("Elektronisches Wasserstrassen Informationssystem") www.elwis.de, in the next few days the Kaub Gauge level is expected to fall below the 0.71 m mark. This will further reduce the loading capacities of barges. Unfortunately there is already a shortage of available load capacities, and no substantial rainfall is forecast, so that no improvement in the situation can be expected in the short term.

We are thus extending our Low Water surcharge table to include a further surcharge rate:

Kaub Gauge

20' container

  40' container

0.80 – 0.71 m

175.00 € per container

225.00 € per container

0.70 – 0.61 m

240.00 € per container

300.00 € per container

The Low Water surcharge is only made for full (loaded) containers. This provision applies until further notice.

We shall continue to make every effort to transport your containers punctually and in good time.

Please continue to stay in close contact with the operational points at the inland terminals, so that planning can function as effectively as possible. Our personnel will be glad to answer your questions / provide further information.


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