31 Jul 2018

Low Water surcharges for Kaub Gauge levels below 0.81m

The forecasts for the gauge level at Kaub, according to the electronic inland waterway information system ELWIS ("Elektronischem Wasserstraßen Informationssystem"), predict levels below 0.80 m over the next few days.

If the gauge level does in fact fall below 0.81 m we shall have to extend our Low Water surcharge rates for Kaub as follows:

Kaub Gauge level

20' container

40' container

0.80 – 0.71 m:

175.00 € per container

225.00 € per container


The above rates apply for full containers transported by inland waterway between the seaports of Rotterdam/Antwerp and locations on the Rhine-/Main above Koblenz.

All gauge levels can be found daily on our website www.contargo.net.

In this connection we also wish to inform you as stated in our General Terms and Conditions that our obligation to transport ends when the level of the Kaub gauge goes down to 0.80 m or below.

Irrespective of this, we will do everything possible to continue to handle your containers. Due to the difficult situation we must regretfully point out that adhesion to delivery dates can no longer be guaranteed.

You can find more information on low water surcharges at the following link: https://www.contargo.net/en/goodtoknow/lws/

We would ask you to stay in close contact with the operational points at the inland terminals.

Your usual contacts will be pleased to answer any other questions you may have.


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