25 Apr 2018

Congestion in Rotterdam and Antwerp: from June onwards Contargo will serve fewer terminals

Delays in the handling of inland container vessels in the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp make it difficult for us to continue to provide a reliable service.

Since our possibilities to influence the situation are limited, we will be making some restrictions in our service to individual seaport terminals in both ports. In this way we hope to speed up the circulation of our barges in the seaports, in order to have at least a reasonable possibility of adhering approximately to our sailing schedules again.

The adjustments to our schedules will be made according to the routes concerned, and will come into operation from 1 June 2018:


  • The terminals we will no longer serve are:

            Antwerp:      Quays No. 188, 212, 236, 242, 311, 426, 468, 478, 730, 742, 1213

            Rotterdam:   Broekman, Cobelfret, CTT, HRS, Interforest, MRS, PCS, Steinweg, WBT


  • Terminals we will only serve once a week in future, from a minimum of 20 containers:

            Antwerp:      Quays No. 118, 408, 1227, 1333, 1510, 1610, 1624

            Rotterdam:   ACC, Cetem-Progeco, Medrepair, UWT


  • Terminals we will only serve once a week in future:

            Antwerp:      Quays No. 364, 524

            Rotterdam:   BCW, Kramer Home, RST-North, RST-South


  • The following terminals will continue to be regularly served by all scheduled sailings:

            Antwerp:      Quays No. 869, 913, 1700, 1718, 1742

            Rotterdam:   APMTR, APMTII, ECT, Euromax, Kramer Delta, RWG, Uniport


If additional adjustments should become necessary, we will announce these in good time on our homepage and document them in our sailing schedules.


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