24 Jan 2018

UPDATE High Water Marks: Situation on the Rhine

High Water Mark II was reached at Maxau (section Ludwigshafen – Wörth) on 22.01.2018 at 20:00, and as a consequence this section of the Rhine is still closed to shipping.

Forecasts for the water levels in this section of the Rhine predict that the closure will probably stay in place up to and including the afternoon of 26.01.2018.

At Koblenz (Wallersheim) High Water Mark II is reached when the gauge stands at 650 cm. The closure of this section to shipping is forecast for the morning of Thursday, 25.01 2018.

High Water Mark II is reached at Cologne when the gauge reaches 830 cm. This is expected on the afternoon of Friday, 26.01.2018.

As soon as we receive new information about the water levels, we will pass it on to you immediately.

Due to the High Water situation, we can unfortunately not guarantee to keep to the arrival times originally announced.

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