27 Dec 2017

Contargo will change BAF calculation from 1 January 2018

Development over the last two years has shown that gasoil prices have averaged around 52.00 EUR per 100 litres. For this reason, from 1 January 2018 we are lowering the basic charge rates for barge transport.

Instead of the 70.00 EUR CBRB included up to now in the takeover rates for barge transports, the basic charge will now only include 49.75 EUR CBRB per 100 litres gasoil. If the gasoil price ascertained by the CBRB goes below the base value of 49.75 EUR per 100 litres, no surcharge deduction will be made.

You can find background information, a calculation example, plus historic and current BAF scales, here:

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