23 Aug 2017

UPDATE: Rail line closure between Karlsruhe and Offenburg

The "MS Avalon" will be loading next week in the Upper Rhine for the trip downstream to Rotterdam (capacity 190 TEU in three tiers).

The couple connected barge "Impuls" loaded yesterday in Duisburg for the upstream journey to Basel. In the middle of next week it will be loading in the Upper Rhine for the journey downstream to Antwerp (capacity 210 TEU in 3 tiers).

The couple connected barge "Sublime" is loading in Rotterdam today in preparation for the trip up to Basel.

"MV So Long" is expected to be loading in Rotterdam between 23 and 25 August (capacity 190 TEU in 3 tiers).  The expected time of arrival in Basel will be between 28 and 30 August.

This means that next week there will be an additional barge capacity of 400 TEU downstream and 440 TEU upstream.

Regarding rail connections: In CW 35 we are offering a BME (Basel Intermodal Express) round trip via the route through France (Emmerich - Weil - Emmerich). Further rail connections for CW 36 are being planned.


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