30 May 2017

UPDATE: Situation at RWG Terminal Rotterdam is unchanged.

Regrettably an improvement in the situation at the RWG Terminal in Rotterdam is not yet in sight.

Assigning of processing slots more than 7 days after arrival of barges in the seaport still has to be expected. Together with the terminal operators we are endeavouring to speed up both the delivery of export containers and the taking over of import containers.

Unfortunately we do not expect any great change in the situation in the coming 2 weeks. Although we are making every effort to adhere to our schedules to and from Rotterdam, it cannot be ruled out that timetables may be affected.

As a result of this situation we must inform you that keeping to deadlines at the RWG Terminal can no longer be guaranteed.

Nor can it be completely ruled out that we might be forced to pass on extra costs for the delivery of containers. Of course in this case we would inform our customers about the costs in good time.

We hope for your understanding and ask you to pass on this information to all responsible employees in your company.


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