19 May 2017

Delay in processing barges at the RWG Terminal Rotterdam

At present barges are facing long delays at the RWG Terminal in Rotterdam. Barges giving notice of their arrival are receiving processing slots up to more than 7 days after the arrival of the barge.

The reason for these waiting times is the terminal’s new alliances with sea carriers and the resulting restructuring of sailing schedules. On its own initiative RWG is offering the possibility of processing barges with export containers at the Kramer Terminal. However, this terminal too is now reaching the limits of its capacity, and at present there is no guarantee that vessels can be processed within the necessary time window. For the time being, the loading of import containers at the RWG Terminal will either be not possible or will be very limited.

We expect this situation to last for the rest of this week and also during the coming week, and we are endeavouring, in constant contact with RWG, to find solutions for faster processing. At the same time, we are bundling export containers from different regions destined for RWG onto single vessels, in order to avoid our departures being affected by these delays.

Due to this situation we regret to have to inform you that we are no longer able to guarantee keeping to deadlines at the RWG Terminal.

We are making every effort to adhere to our schedules to and from Rotterdam. However, it cannot be ruled out that we may have to make additional charges for the delivery of containers. Of course we will inform our customers in good time about this.

We hope for your understanding, and ask you to pass on this information to all responsible employees in your company.


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