02 Mar 2017

Delays in the processing of barges at RWG Terminal Rotterdam

At present, barges with cargo for the RWG Terminal in Rotterdam are faced with considerable delays. The capacity bottlenecks are caused by increased shipment volumes and by the delays in arrivals of oceangoing vessels.

For this reason priority is being given just now to the processing of seagoing ships. Depending on the possibilities, an alternative unloading berth for barges is offered at the Kramer Terminal on the Maasvlakte, with local truck transfer to the RWG Terminal. However, this additional capacity is also almost exhausted at present. An improvement in the situation is not expected in the short term. We therefore have to inform you that it will not be possible to adhere to the specified delivery dates for all transports.

We ask for your understanding and request that you pass on this information to all responsible employees in your company. Our local teams will be pleased to answer your questions and give you information.



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