24 Feb 2017

Construction measures at the Neuss Flosshafenstrasse Terminal

Our extension measures at the terminal in Flosshafenstrasse in Neuss have progressed so well that at the end of March we shall be able to start constructing two additional rail sidings, the points switching systems and the adjacent crane.

Due to these comprehensive construction measures we are obliged to cease rail operations for the duration of this construction phase, until the new sidings have been approved by the responsible authorities. This applies to all rail traffic at the Flosshafenstrasse.

Thus the Neuss Multimodal Express will not run during the construction period.

Our last departure from Rotterdam (previous to building) is on 23.03.2017

Our last departure to Rotterdam from Neuss (previous to building) is on 24.03.2017

Following approval of the new sidings, the first rail transports are expected to run again at the beginning of June. We will inform you in good time. In the meantime, all the barge transports between Rotterdam, Antwerp and Neuss are available to you.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause. We are confident that after completion of the work, our terminal in the Flosshafenstrasse in Neuss will provide an even better, more comprehensive service for rail transports.

We shall be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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