22 Feb 2017

Contargo North France: more than 30% growth in 2016

Since 1996, the terminal in the Département Nord in the region Hauts-de-France has been part of the Contargo Group (formerly CCS GmbH). At the location of Prouvy, one of the first container barge connections between northern France and the port of Antwerp was initiated.

This development started off with one vessel and a capacity of 32 TEU: once a week it departed for Prouvy from Antwerp.

In the meantime, Contargo North France has a weekly capacity of 850 TEU and serves the inland ports around Valenciennes and the seaports from Dunkirk to Rotterdam. With a growth of more than 30% volume in TEU, Contargo North France has achieved a new record compared to last year.


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