25 Jan 2017

Gauge levels along the Rhine fall even lower

Water levels along the Rhine continue to fall, and weather forecasts for the next few days do not foresee any substantial rain or snowfall.

As a result, forecasts for the gauge level at Kaub are below 50 cm for the coming days. At this level and below, a large proportion of barges are no longer able to sail through the Middle Rhine Valley, for technical and navigational reasons.

If the forecasts prove to be accurate, we regret that we will have to apply the low water surcharge for Kaub Gauge values between 50 und 41 cm. Within this range, we will make the following surcharges for the transport of full containers:

20‘ full container € 475,- per Container

40‘ full container € 625,- per Container

We are making every effort to enable our fleet to sail for as long as this is navigationally feasible. As well as our regular rail transports, we are also running some special trains.

Please note also that due to the difficult situation there is no guarantee of meeting deadlines and that, in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions (AGB) an obligation to transport on our part no longer applies below a level at the Kaub Gauge of 0.81m.

We will inform you as soon as there is a prospect of water levels rising.


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