03 Jan 2017

Water levels along the Rhine continue to be low

There is still no indication of improvement in gauge levels along the Rhine. Thus in view of the forecast weather conditions, it must be assumed that shipping will continue to be subject to severe limitations.

The values forecast for the gauge at Kaub, Rhineland-Palatinate, within the next few days are such that for technical reasons a part of the vessels which make up our fleet will no longer be able to pass the Kaub Gauge. Thus further limitations of capacities have to be expected.

On the Upper Rhine, too, rain/snowfall to be expected over the next few days will not be sufficient to produce any significant improvement.

We will make every effort to enable the part of our fleet that can still be used to continue to sail, for as long as this is navigationally feasible and reasonable.

We ask for your understanding that these low gauge levels mean schedules can no longer be adhered to, nor can delivery dates be guaranteed.  According to our General Terms and Conditions (AGB) an obligation to transport on our part no longer applies below a level at the Kaub Gauge < 0.81m.

Independently of this, our terminals will be pleased to accept your export orders and import transports, however without a guaranteed transit time.

Special trains have been arranged to / from Rotterdam. Due to high utilisation the transfer of large volumes of containers onto trucks for direct trucking is only possible in individual cases.

Please inform your booking departments of the impossibility of reliable on-time delivery in the present situation. We will inform you as soon as there is a prospect of water levels rising. If you have any questions we will be glad to help you.



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