03 Jan 2017

UPDATE: Crane breakdown in Basel

Following the fire in the machine room of our container crane in Basel, the situation at present is as follows:

  • The truck crane was delivered and set up on 27.12.2016

  • Since 28.12.2016 the truck crane has been evacuating full and empty containers from the first subsection of the North Terminal

  • Information about which containers have been evacuated, and where they are available, will be sent to you individually

  • As before, we request that import containers should be collected immediately following evacuation

  • The truck crane will be available for the whole of Calendar Week 1. Please note that this solution is very time-intensive compared to working with the container crane, as the containers have to be attached by hand

  • Unfortunately the truck crane cannot access containers that are situated below the defective container crane. These also include the electrically powered reefer containers 

We apologise for the inconvenience and will continue to keep you informed.


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