22 Dec 2016

Severe limitations to navigation on the Rhine due to extreme low water

At present the very low water levels along the Rhine are causing severe limitations to inland shipping on the Rhine.

The water level at the Kaub gauge has now gone below 80 cm. The gauge level measured at Ruhrort is below 220 cm at present. The tendency for the coming days is a further decrease in levels. Weather forecasts for the next few days do not foresee any substantial rainfalls/snowfalls, so that it must be expected that water levels will fall further.

We are making every effort to enable our fleet to continue to sail for as long as this is navigationally possible. However if gauge levels, particularly the level at Kaub, continue to fall, the situation could arise in the near term that navigation on the Rhine is no longer technically possible. Moreover, due to the upcoming public holidays the possibilities for organising additional tonnage or alternative transport will be very limited.

Due to this difficult situation we must regretfully inform you that the dates in the seaports can no longer be adhered to for all containers. It should be noted that below a level of 81 cm at the Kaub gauge, an obligation to transport on our part no longer applies.

We ask for your understanding and request you to pass on this information to all responsible employees in your company.


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