10 Oct 2016

“Contargo gets on its Bicycle” 2016: New Record

In this year’s competition, between 20 June and 16 September Contargo employees cycled a total distance of 29,948 km. By leaving their car in the garage and cycling to work, they thus saved 4,763 kg CO2. This 2016 result sets a new internal record for Contargo – more than 40 percent above last year’s total!

With this praiseworthy effort Contargo’s employees have not only supported the environment, but also done something to improve their own health, burning a total of 803,736 calories – equivalent to 1,435 bars of milk chocolate!

4,763 kg CO2 are approximately equal to the amount of CO2 emitted by a barge during 7.5 round trips between Basel and Rotterdam. (According to IMTIS: 8 x import at 402.3 kg/CO2 per trip and 7x export at 224.5 kg/CO2 per trip, including handling, pre-and on-carriage by truck.)

Read about the winners on the Contargo Facebook page.



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