29 Sep 2016

First Port Logistics Specialist begins Training with Contargo

On 1 September Robin Reitz (19), sixth-form school leaver with “Abitur” from Dreieich, began his training as a Specialist for Port Logistics with Contargo Industriepark Frankfurt-Höchst GmbH. He is the first trainee for this profession in the Federal State of Hesse.

"At present, port logistics tasks are performed for us by an external service provider", says Kerstin Junker, explaining the new position. "Contargo gives high priority to using its own qualified personnel. Therefore we decided to create a traineeship in order to cover the interface between commercial and industrial functions ourselves in future."

“Specialist for Port Logistics” has only become a formally recognised profession in the last ten years in Germany. Before this, it went by the name of “Seegüterkontrolleur” (“maritime merchandise controller”), and even earlier was known as “Küper” (“quartermaster”). Training generally takes three years. The many tasks of a port logistics specialist include the handling of goods in seaports and inland ports, controlling deliveries, checking shipping documents and containers, and planning onward transport.

For the first three months, Robin Reitz will be accompanying terminal supervisor Frank Hippmann in his work. There was already a lot for the trainee to see in his first few days: "The training includes writing a daily report, and this covers quite a few pages so far", says Frank Hippmann. "There have been various developments involving the cranes. We also have a large construction site at the terminal, and we’ve had several discussion rounds concerning operations." One especially interesting experience was a first trip on a container crane: "I’m really looking forward to working for my crane driver’s licence over the next few weeks", Robin Reitz confirms.

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Kerstin Junker

Industriepark Höchst - G 315,
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