03 Sep 2016

Delivery of Hanjin Shipping containers

Due to the insolvency of Hanijn Shipping Co. Ltd we should like to inform of the following:


Deliveries of Hanjin containers to, and collections from, the seaports of Hamburg and Rotterdam ordered by our customers are only possible in return for a commitment to pay given by the customer to the seaport terminal concerned. At present Hanjin import containers from Rotterdam are only being delivered by truck.

We would ask to take account of this in the planning. We regret that it is not possible for the costs to be taken over by Contargo.

If additional costs should arise because containers cannot be transported by us as they have not been duly released, we regret that we will have to pass on the costs.


We will transport or deliver Hanjin containers on your behalf, if these have been released by Hanjin Shipping at our terminals. However, this only applies if the containers concerned are also going to be delivered again to one of our depots. We will accept deliveries of empty Hanjin containers at any time.

However we must in any case require from you a declaration of cost assumption to the amount of 100€ for the depot handling. We will also be glad to issue you with a pro forma invoice.

If you have any more questions, your usual contact partners will be happy to help you.


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