30 Aug 2016

Introduction of a new version of APCS e-desk in Antwerp

On 5 September 2016 a new version of the APCS (Antwerp Port Community System) e-desk will be introduced. From that date onwards, online customs registration in the APCS e-desk after arrival will no longer be possible. This means that registration has to take place BEFORE the arrival of the export container at the terminal. This change applies for all terminals which are connected to the APCS e-desk. At present these are the various PSA Terminals in Antwerp (Sheds 420 / 869 / 901-913 / 1742).

Thus it will no longer be possible to submit accompanying customs documents for containers at the terminal. This means that the customs information for all incoming consignments that are registered via NCTS must have been registered in APCS before arrival at the terminal. This is a system comparable to the system used at the APMTII and RWG terminals in Rotterdam.

We would therefore ask you to enter all necessary information fully and correctly in the APCS e-desk before the arrival of the transport. You will find more information about the APCS e-desk on the website of the Port of Antwerp:


Please note: If the terminals do not have the information before loading, you run the risk that your container will not be processed.

We hope you will understand the necessity for this.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Heleen Scharroo

+31(0)78 6254 651



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