21 Jul 2016

Christian Eichmeier on Board of Speditions- und Logistikverbands Hessen-Rheinland-Pfalz (SLV)

Since the beginning of this month Christian Eichmeier has been a member of the board of the SLV (Forwarding and Logistics Association of Hesse/Rhineland-Palatinate).

At the association’s general meeting the Managing Director of Contargo Rhein-Main GmbH responsible for Koblenz, Frankfurt and Gustavsburg was put forward between the association’s regularly-held elections to occupy the previously free sixth place.

As well as the representative from Contargo, the SLV Board consists of Peter Plank (Chairman), Bernd Jordan, Hans-Georg Maas, Volker Oesau and Michael Peters. (Photo: Matthias Rathmann, trans aktuell).




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