14 Jun 2016

High Water Level II forecast at the Maxau Gauge

Water levels in the Upper Rhine are continuing to be high and are rising slightly. At the Maxau Gauge, High Water Level II, 750 cm, is expected to be exceeded around midday. By tomorrow a slight further rise in the water level is expected, approaching 760 cm, after which it will fall again.

According to the Rhine Police Regulation (Rheinschifffahrtspolizeiverordnung ) a shipping bar comes into force on the affected section of the Rhine when High Water Level II is declared.  The relevant section for the Maxau Gauge is the stretch from Germersheim to Iffezheim. According to forecasts, this section may already be open to shipping again on Thursday. Further developments will depend on the amounts of rainfall over the next few days.

Our customers who are affected by the bar will be informed in the context of their bookings. For time-sensitive containers, we will look at possible alternative solutions by truck and rail in agreement with our customers.


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