02 May 2016

Sustainable drainage solution for new empty container depot of Contargo Rhein-Neckar GmbH in Mannheim

Mannheim – At the end of 2015 a new empty container depot was constructed for Contargo-Rhein-Neckar GmbH, with an area of approximately 25 000 m² and room for up to 3,500 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units).

To drain the open areas of the depot, an integrated concept was developed linking all the drainage elements in one sustainable solution. The collection, removal, pre-cleaning, treatment, detention and draining-off, without backpressure, of all collected fluids, fulfill the requirements of protecting the environment, while at the same time making the drainage system safer and more efficient.

An important part of the sustainable drainage solution is the downstream separator into which the collected surface water of the depot flows. Here oil, sediments and fine particles are separated from the water by a filter and by force of gravity.

In a testing chamber, samples of the cleaned and separated drainage water are taken. Only then is the water, purified from pollutants, discharged into the sewerage system.


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