01 Jan 2016

New brochure published

Contargo gives information about Low Water on the Rhine

Last year, too, Contargo had to implement a low water surcharge for several weeks for barge transports of loaded containers. In order to give customers an explanation of the interrelations and terms used in connection with low water, the enterprise published a Low Water Brochure last autumn.

“Although a low water surcharge had to be implemented for several weeks last year, and the media frequently showed pictures of sandbanks in the Rhine, 2015 was still one of the average years. Because barges only require 20 cm of water beneath the keel – although then they can’t be fully laden”, explained Cok Vinke, Co-Managing Director of Contargo Waterway Logistics.

Water levels along the Rhine are naturally subject to certain seasonal fluctuations, and as the water levels fall so does the loading capacity of the barges. Thus more tonnage has to be made available to transport the same quantity of goods. Costs increase considerably, since as well as the smaller loading capacity of the existing fleet it becomes necessary to charter additional tonnage. The cost of chartered tonnage goes up as water levels fall further and the market gets tighter. When water levels at specific gauges fall below a certain point, Contargo levies low water surcharges to cover this increase in costs.

At http://www.contargo.net/de/goodtoknow/lws/ you can download the brochure with more detailed information.


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