21 Dec 2015

New Regulations for Dangerous Goods Containers in Ottmarsheim

As a measure for the safe and efficient handling of dangerous goods containers in Ottmarsheim, the following new regulations must now be observed with immediate effect:

  • All  IMO containers, i.e. containers carrying dangerous goods according to the regulations of IMO (International Maritime Organization) must be registered 48 hours before arrival at the terminal

  • All MSDS documents (MSDS standing for Material Safety Data Sheets) must be submitted at the terminal at the same time (i.e. 48 hours in advance)

  • The Port Authority checks the feasibility of the transport and handling, and either confirms or refuses the transport and handling of the container

  • IMO containers are only permitted to remain for a maximum of 48 hours at the Ottmarsheim Terminal

  • A longer stay is possible with the express permission of the Port Authority of Ottmarsheim 

We therefore urgently request you to carry out the advance registration of all IMO-containers in good time, since it is no longer possible to enter the Ottmarsheim Terminal without the authorisation of the Port Authority.


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