25 Nov 2015

Successful SQAS Assessment in Koblenz

25.11.2015 - On 17 and 18 November the SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System) assessment was carried out by TÜV-Nord at Contargo Rhein-Main GmbH in Koblenz. The assessment was successful and SQAS approval was gained for another three years.

Over a period of two days the points specified by SQAS (CEFIC) were examined in detail. The requirements of ISO 9001 and 14001 were a part of the inspection, and the team in Koblenz was also thoroughly tested regarding environmental management, dangerous goods, health and safety at work, compliance standards and other individual topics (for instance Corporate Governance).

In his final summary, the assessor from TÜV-Nord mentioned the following especially positive results:

  • Excellent process documentation with special process and quality management software. Operative employees work according to the processes and use the software as support.
  • Very good compliance regulation and human rights
  • Very well developed dangerous goods training and inspection documents “Inspection records of safety advisor on dangerous goods”
  • Very detailed structure of internal audit management
  • Very well structured drivers’ handbook
  • Very good implementation of the requirements of standards ISO 9001 and 14001 by local quality management personnel

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