23 Nov 2015

Unstable water levels have to be expected

23.11.2015 – At present, following the heavy rainfalls last weekend which fortunately caused the water levels to rise, no low water surcharges (LWS) are necessary.

However, temperatures in large areas of Germany have now fallen below zero centigrade, and as a result there may be snowfalls instead of rain. This would mean that in the next few days the water from the snowfalls would not reach the rivers.

As things stand today, we have to expect that the Kaub gauge may already fall below the relevant level of 150 cm again by Thursday. For Friday 27.11.2015 the forecasts in any case predict a level for the Kaub gauge just above the 110 cm mark.

More exact ideas of what to expect will depend on the actual rainfall/snowfall and temperatures within the next few days.


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