12 Nov 2015

UPDATE: Low Water Surcharges for Kaub Gauge below 51 / Ruhrort gauge below 181 cm

11.11.2015 – Unfortunately the forecast for water levels still offers no prospect of positive development in the short term!

The water levels on the Rhine are continuing to fall. In the next few days the Kaub Gauge is expected to fall below 50 cm, and the Ruhrort Gauge below 1.80 m.

Kaub Gauge
We will make every effort to ensure that our fleet continues to sail, at least as long as this is a navigational possibility. However, we must point out that an obligation to transport on our part only exists down to a level of 80 cm measured at the Kaub Gauge.

Here are the current capacity load percentages for barges:

Kaub Gauge: 
60 cm20%
55 cm18%
50 cm16%
45 cm14%
40 cm12%

These percentages are of course based purely on theoretical calculation! There are some vessels which, for constructional reasons, are no longer able to navigate the Middle Rhine Valley when the Kaub Gauge reaches 55cm.

Please be aware that the Low Water Surcharge only applies to full (loaded) containers.

These are the Low Water Surcharges for Kaub Gauge levels from 50 to 41cm:

  • 20ft container loaded: € 315.00 per container
  • 40ft container loaded: € 365.00 per container

Ruhrort Gauge 1.80 m - 1.71 m:

  • 20ft container loaded: € 110.00 per container
  • 40ft container loaded: € 140.00 per container


We would ask you to maintain close contact with the operational agencies at the inland terminals. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this necessary business measure may cause and would ask you to pass on this information to all employees at your company who are affected.

Your usual contact partners will be happy to assist you with any further questions you may have.


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