06 Oct 2015

“Contargo Gets on its Bicycle” has a new winner for 2015

05.10.2015 - The employees’ competition “Contargo Gets on its Bicycle” took place from 22 June to 20 September 2015.

Altogether Contargo’s participating employees cycled a total of 12,094 km between work and home this year.
By doing this they saved a total of 1,933.76 kg/CO2.
This is equivalent to 3 return trips by barge (including pre-carriage and on-carriage) from Basel to Rotterdam (according to IMTIS 1880, 4 kg/CO2 , 3x Export + 3x Import).

You can find this year’s winners of the internal competition on Contargo’s Facebook Page.

Did you know....
By cycling even 500m to work, you can save up to 40kg CO2 in a business year with 250 working days.
One 80-year-old beech tree needs almost 3½ years to process 40 Kg/ CO2! It can absorb 12.5 kg CO2 per year.


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