17 Sep 2015

Congestion surcharge will be discontinued

18.09.2015 – Due to the extreme low water, from 1 October 2015 we shall no longer be charging a congestion surcharge. This is because, due to the low water situation, the average handling time per container (HVI – Port Stay Index), which we have taken since June 2015 as a basis for calculating the surcharge, no longer reflects the facts of what is actually happening in the seaport: barges are only carrying approximately one third of their usual capacity at present. Thus the value ascertained for the HVI is too high, and it can therefore not be used to determine the congestion surcharge below a water level of less than130 cm at the Kaub Gauge.

As soon as the water levels at the Kaub Gauge lie consistently above 130 cm again, the HVI will again be determined and announced by us.


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