10 Sep 2015

UPDATE: Low water supplements Kaub Gauge below 81cm

10.09.2015 - There have been various reports regarding the ongoing low water situation, and we regret to inform you that water level forecasts do not provide any prospect of improvement.

The water levels on the Rhine are continuing to fall. The Kaub Gauge is expected to fall below 80 centimetres at the beginning of the week commencing Monday 14 September.

The list of low water supplements shown below will apply to the relevant terminals if the water level falls to under 80 centimetres.

Low water supplements - regulation
Transport via inland terminalRelevant water level
Gustavsburg, Frankfurt Industriepark, Frankfurt East, Ludwigshafen, Mannheim, Germersheim, Wörth, Karlsruhe, Strasbourg, Ottmarsheim, Weil, BaselKAUB

Basis for the water level: water level at 5:00 am (CET) according to the "Electronic Waterways Information System" www.elwis.de. This information is also published daily on our website at www.contargo.net

The determining factor is the day of departure of the barge according to the schedule.

Export: at the inland terminal / Import: at the sea port

The low water supplement is only charged for full (loaded) containers.

Water level KaubLWS per 20' fullLWS per 40' full
150 - 131 cm25 Euro30 Euro
130 - 111 cm35 Euro45 Euro
110 - 96 cm45 Euro60 Euro
95 - 81 cm75 Euro100 Euro
80 - 71 cm135 Euro170 Euro
70 - 61 cm180 Euro220 Euro
<60 cm Separate agreementSeparate agreement

This regulation applies until revoked.

By way of precaution, we also need to inform you that we will only be able to accept your booking on the basis of these supplements if the Kaub Gauge falls under 81 centimetres.

We apologise for any inconvenience this necessary business measure may cause and would ask you to pass on this information to all employees at your company who are affected.

We would ask you to maintain close contact with the operational agencies at the inland terminals.

Your usual contact partners will be happy to assist you with any further questions you may have.


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