02 Jul 2015

From 01.09.2015 advance notification of import documents for APM Terminals Rotterdam via Portbase will be compulsory

In order to simplify customs controls with regard to documents numbers and RTO-Code, APM Termínals in Rotterdam have decided that from 1 September 2015 all advance notifications of import documents must be recorded via Portbase www.portbase.com .

Portbase is  the Port Community Systems for the Ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. These services are not offered on a profit-making basis; firms simply pay a contribution for the use of services. You can inform yourselves of the costs here: https://www.portbase.com/de/das-port-community-system/kosten/. All participants in the logistic chain can exchange information simply and efficiently via Portbase.

With regard to the changeover, the APM Terminals assure their customers that they will send them regular reminders, and will be available to answer questions and/or to give support.

The following will remain as exceptions:

Physical control (Fyco) / Declaration of unused quantites (Restmengenerklärung)
When loading onto the barge, forms for the relocating/postponing of physical control, and declarations of unused quantities (Restmengenerklärungen) must be physically brought to the customs by the Document Department of the APMTR, so that they bypass the blockade. Although these documents can be pre-notified via Portbase, they must also be sent by email to rot.documentation@apmterminals.com

For those of our customers who undertake the preparation of customs documents themselves: we would ask you to please observe the above changes in customs procedures.


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