29 Apr 2015

Contargo offers Planning Support for Truckers in Basel

Contargo AG is offering truck drivers who want their containers processed in Basel the possibility of logging in by smartphone to the STAR booking system at https://star.contargo.net. For a small fee, they can use the system to obtain information about free slots, and even book slots independently themselves.

For truck drivers, this will mean that waiting times are reduced or avoided altogether, because order checking can take place in advance of the time slot.

For those who are interested, information on the STAR scheduling and reservation system can be obtained here:

SVEN ZÖLLE, Terminal Manager
PHONE: +41 61 639 38 90 | Mobile: + 41 79 680 90 95 | E-Mail: sven.zoelle@contargo.ch

TORSTEN PETER, Manager Operations
Phone: +41 (0) 61 639 36 01 | Fax: +41 (0) 61 639 36 22 | E-Mail: torsten.peter@contargo.ch



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