15 Apr 2015

Contargo Introduces a Congestion Charge

We are no longer able to bear on our own the rising costs due to long waiting times in the Port of Rotterdam. For this reason, we are compelled to pass on a part of the additional costs to our customers via a Congestion Surcharge.

Since our discussions with the various bodies concerned in the Port of Rotterdam have not led to any improvement, and since the situation is unlikely to get any less acute in the foreseeable future, from today April 2015 onwards we will be levying a Congestion Surcharge of 18.50 Euro per container to and from Rotterdam (full/empty). The surcharge will come into effect for barge departures scheduled on that date. The surcharge applies for all consignments, irrespective of the starting point.

We reserve the right to recalculate the congestion surcharge and to adapt it accordingly if the processing situation deteriorates further. The surcharge will only be discontinued again when processing times in the Port of Rotterdam become considerably shorter.


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