14 Apr 2015

Contargo Network Logistics GmbH: Rail Transport Restrictions in May

Due to public holidays in May, some of the terminals in Hamburg and Bremerhaven will not be working fully. For this reason we shall unfortunately not be able to run the following trains:

30.04.2015 - Train to Hof (day before public holiday in HH/BMH)
01.05.2015 - One train to Glauchau and one to Hof
14.05.2015 - Train to Hof
23.05.2015 - One train to Glauchau and one to Hof
24.05.2015 - One train to Glauchau and one to Hof

25.05.2015 - It is not yet certain that this train (via Glauchau to Hof) will run, as all loading/unloading slots for this date have been cancelled. We have requested replacement slots from the terminals. In our experience a decision will only be made at short notice – around CW 20.

Please take account of this when planning and booking. Thank you for your understanding. We will keep you informed of the latest development


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