01 Jan 2015

No Frost in the Container

Reefers keep temperature-sensitive goods warm

A few weeks back, thermometers in Germany were registering 36 degrees (centrigrade!) in the shade. Now the night temperatures are gradually sinking towards zero. Here we show you how Contargo safely transports temperature-controlled goods in combined transport.

Reefers are especially well-insulated containers, equipped with a chiller/heater unit. The 18 kW unit can thermoregulate a 40-foot container anywhere in the range between -28°C and +28°C. Thermoregulation ensures that the temperature inside the container remains constant within a minimal fluctuation margin, regardless of the temperature outside. By continuous monitoring on truck, train and barge, and during handling, Contargo ensures that the temperature always stays within the tolerance margin for the transported goods. This succeeds so reliably that customers are now sending goods by combined transport which they previously sent by air freight – this brings price advantages, and is good for the environment.

In an infographic, we have summarised for you how Contargo organises reefer transports.


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