01 Jan 2015

Cooperation Rewarded

Contargo North France receives award for cooperation with customs

In Paris on 24 September 2015, Contargo North France received the “Demain l'Économie” prize awarded under the aegis of the French Ministry of Economics. This award honoured the cooperation between the government and the logistics enterprise which made it possible for the Contargo-operated Escaut Valenciennes Terminal to become the first French terminal certified as an “Extended Gateway” in February of this year.

The prize, "Demain l'Economie" for forward-looking economic development, is awarded to enterprises which have carried out exemplary projects. Between November 2013 and February 2015 Contargo North France, in cooperation with the French government and the Belgian and French customs authorities, realised the certification of the Escaut Valenciennes Terminal, now approved as the first “Extended Gateway” in France.

The terminal in north France has held this status since February 2015. This enables Contargo to transport containers which have been unloaded at MSC terminals in the Port of Antwerp directly by barge to the Escaut Valenciennes Terminal, without prior customs processing in the seaport. They then undergo customs processing in Escaut Valenciennes.

This certification makes combined transport by inland barge even more economically interesting, and may contribute to more transports being transferred onto Europe’s inland waterways. The service also enhances the attractiveness of Valenciennes as a location for industry and logistics.


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