26 Nov 2014

Effects of Thick Fog in Hamburg

Yesterday afternoon and evening work had to be stopped again at the Hamburg terminals due to thick fog.

Contargo Network Logistics train 3 (to Hof) has been affected by these hindrances caused by the weather conditions. Contargo Network Logistics train 4 (to Glauchau and Hof) has started out punctually on its journey.

As things stand at present, Contargo Network Logistics train 3 will be leaving at 15:00 pm and is expected to arrive in Hof on Thursday morning at about 5:00 am.

We ask for your understanding if this causes changes in the early handling/delivery times on Thursday.

It must be expected that there may be export problems with loading deadlines in Bremerhaven. Our Export Department will be in touch with you regarding this.


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