22 Aug 2014

Congestion Surcharge for Barge Transports to/from Rotterdam

Three weeks after introducing the congestion surcharge, there is still no prospect of  improving the situation in the container port of Rotterdam. We are still being assigned to slots which are much later than planned. In fact, just now our vessels are taking 50% longer than average to get processed in the Port of Rotterdam. Therefore, the present overall situation is substantially worse than even the one in July.

Unfortunately the measures announced by Rotterdam, such as the re-directing of barges to other terminals, haven't had any noticeable effect yet. For this reason, the Port of Rotterdam authority is trying to mediate between ECT and the association of container barge operators (LINC), in order to find constructive solutions together.

Until all these steps have alleviated the situation, we need continue to charge a 15 EUR surcharge per container. This enables us to react flexibly to the bottlenecks. In concrete terms we can, when necessary, approach other terminals, implement trucking within the seaport and charter additional tonnage.

We are monitoring the situation in the Port of Rotterdam and we will inform you as soon as there is any change in the situation.

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