07 Aug 2014

"Pit Stops" at Contargo

At five different locations, Contargo is supporting the swimming marathon of Professor Andreas Fath in the service of science

The logistics terminal which is usually home to waiting containers saw special company yesterday: Contargo AG, Basel, was host to the "swimming Professor" Andreas Fath of Furtwangen University (HFU) and his team. The Doctor of Chemistry and long-distance swimmer plans to swim the length of the Rhine, from source to estuary, in four weeks, testing the quality of the water on the way for scientific purposes. At five different terminals Contargo will be supporting the "Rheines Wasser" (or "Pure Rhine Water") project, offering hospitality to the team against a logistic backdrop, providing showers, mooring for the boats and accommodating the motor caravan.

"The 'Rheines Wasser' project is very much our kind of project, for three reasons", says Holger Bochow, Managing Director Contargo AG. "First, because our barges travel from Basel along the same route as the swimmer - so the Rhine is a passion we have in common. Secondly, because the project is concerned with the quality of the water, and environmental protection is one of Contargo's fundamental principles. And thirdly, because we are sports enthusiasts and appreciate that what Andreas Fath is trying to achieve deserves great respect and merits our support."


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