27 May 2014

Research Meets Practice in Wörth

Last week 25 students of construction and industrial engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) were the guests of the Wörth Terminal of Contargo Wörth-Karlsruhe GmbH.

One of the advanced courses of the future engineers is logistics. Under the guidance of Senior Technical Manager Markus Stengel, participants were able to get acquainted with the interrelated factors in goods transport (demand forecasting, models, characteristics and interactions of the different transport modes, organisation of transport processes) as they take place in practice.

Concluding the visit, the accompanying member of university staff, Dr. Bastian Chlond, highlighted the positive benefits of “tangible logistics”:

"I think the students have gained a great deal from their visit: a better basic grasp of the interrelations in goods transport and logistics, the importance of infrastructure facilities and of enterprises like CONTARGO for the functioning and the success of an export economy, and last but not least, what the theory of study means when it is put into practice."


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