03 Jan 2013

New Bunker Surcharge in the New Year

As of January 1, 2013 Contargo is implementing a modified BAF (BAF: Bunker Adjustment Factor). The new barge transport prices are based on a gasoil price up to 70.00 EUR per 100 litres. The surcharges have been adjusted as part of the process of unification of rates. It is highly unlikely that the price of gasoil will fall below the level of 70.00 EUR per 100 litres in the long term.

The visual representation has been corrected, due to the principle involved: gasoil now accounts for a greater percentage of the base rate, and the incremental increase is smaller than before. Regulation has also been adapted to our changed fleet of vessels. The changes are in line with the sustainability strategy of the Contargo Group, since the new gasoil charges represent the actual use of fuel much more realistically.

For existing agreements, the existing barge transport price based on gasoil prices of 52.19 EUR and. 22.75 EUR per 100 litres applies until expiry of the agreements.

The price of gasoil is determined monthly by the CBRB (Centraal Bureau voor ee Rijn- en Binnenvaart, the central office for Rhine and inland waterway navigation). If this base price is exceeded, a surcharge will be calculated for each increment of 2.25 EUR per 100 litres, or a decrease if the current price should fall below the base price. The calculation is made in accordance with the indices listed here.


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