29 May 2012

Crane Components Travel by Barge

At the Karlsruhe Terminal of Contargo Wörth-Karlsruhe GmbH, between 14.05 and 20.06.2012, the first components of a crane TYPE 13000 with a maximum lifting capacity of 3000 metric tons will embark upon their journey to their final destination in the USA.

A total of 70 counterweights, each weighing 25 metric tons, will be brought from Ehingen to the terminal by truck, and will be transported from there by inland barge to the Multi Purpose Terminal in Westdorpe in the Netherlands.

For the hinterland transport of the crane components, which have the right length and breadth to fit into 20-foot containers, transport via inland waterway has proved to be the least expensive variant.

After their temporary stay in Westdorpe, the containers will be carried by container vessel to the United States, setting out from Terneuzen, the third largest port in the Netherlands. On arrival in the USA the crane will be re-assembled and used for work on parts of a refinery.


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