25 May 2012

“Wirtschaftsjunioren” Visit Contargo Rhein-Neckar

In the action "Rhein-Neckar by Night", the Mannheim-Ludwigshafen Wirtschaftsjunioren (Junior Chamber, a non-profit organisation for young businessmen) visited the various companies which also work overnight.

The 50 participants arrived at the Ludwigshafen container terminal at 23:30 pm, where they enjoyed a close-up view of containers being loaded onto a couple connected barge. After being shown round the terminal, the group went on to the next point in their nocturnal tour. Terminal Managing Director Georg Fank and Terminal Manager Marco Speksnijder were enthusiastic: "This gives us a chance to demonstrate to our customers that we really do work around the clock on their behalf. Our fleet of inland vessels transport impressive quantities of containers reliably and almost noiselessly along the waterways.

"The “Wirtschaftsjunioren” are independent entrepreneurs or employed executives up to 40 years old from all sectors of the economy:

  • trade
  • industry
  • the service sector

The Mannheim-Ludwigshafen Junior Chamber was founded in 1951 and is thus one of the oldest in Germany. The aims of the “Wirtschaftsjunioren” are:

  • to support and value honesty in enterprise
  • to combine professional AND family life
  • to invest in training and education
  • to form national and international networks
  • to act innovatively and with awareness of resources

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