11 Feb 2020

UPDATE Storm Sabine

Photo: Winai Tepsuttinun / Shutterstock.com

The situation in Rotterdam

The seaport terminals on the Maasvlakte have not yet resumed operations. Work should start again in the course of today, or at the latest tonight. There are not yet any precise forecasts. A massive tailback has accumulated and has to be dealt with, resulting in the train cancellations that were announced yesterday.

The impacts will continue to be felt until Friday/Saturday.

RSC and CTT are both operating again completely normally. The transfers between RST and RSC are also taking place regularly again.

The situation on the Netherlands-Germany rail route

The situation on the important lines in the Netherlands has almost returned to normal. The backlog that has accumulated is being dealt with. Many of the disruptions in the German rail network have also been repaired. A few sections are still working on single track. The existing closures do not affect the lines that are relevant for Contargo. However, due to the backlog that has accumulated on these routes, the trains cannot proceed unhindered. These limitations will continue to affect goods transport at least until tomorrow.

10 Feb 2020

UPDATE Storm Sabine

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The storm has moved further south and has also caused damage there. It will be followed by other storms from the west, whose effects can only be foreseen tomorrow.

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07 Feb 2020

Storm Warning in the North West

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From the coming Sunday, there is the threat of a violent storm in northwest Europe, with impacts lasting into next week. The possible consequences cannot yet be predicted, but the seaport terminals that may be affected are already announcing that from Sunday onwards there could be delays in the handling of containers.

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