05 Jan 2023

Contargo takes over Honkoop Barging

On 1 January 2023, Contargo took over the activities of the Dutch company Honkoop Barging. This includes the management and employees of the barge transport company as well as the transport contracts and customers contacts.

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04 Jan 2023

Change in our LWS regulation

Photo: Peter H./Pixabay

From 1 January 2023 there is a change in our regulation of the Low Water Surcharge. For shipping via Koblenz the gauge at Cologne (Köln) is included, and from now on the surcharge applies for the Duisburg Gauge from a level of 300 cm.

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Water levels

21 Mar 2023

Kaub 235 -20
Köln 376 -32
Ruhrort 502 -34
Emmerich 360 -34

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